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At Brush and Roll Painting, our services include many types of residential and commercial projects, both interior and exterior. We realize that a satisfied customer is a customer for life. As such, we are dedicated to providing clients with prompt, professional and friendly service. Your absolute satisfaction is our goal at all times.

Set up and Preparation

Key to a quality paint job is preparation. We begin our process by using a designated area to store our equipment daily, because we strive to cause the least amount of inconvenience to you.


We remove furniture whenever possible, or move items to the center of the room. Once completed, we cover all items with plastic (if painting ceiling) and floors with drop clothes. After, we sand areas to be painted to promote adhesion of new paint, fill holes and cracks, caulk gaps in trims and moldings, and spot prime as required.


For exterior jobs, preparation is key for longevity of the paint job. We being scraping and sanding any loose or chipping paint and then we prime using top-quality primer (spot or full prime; please see quote). Next we caulk any gaps between the window/frame/door and the brick/stucco.


We use only high quality products to insure a superb finish, and apply enough coats necessary to achieve proper coverage of new paint. We generally use Benjamin Moore paints.


A matte finish is suitable for ceilings and low traffic rooms. In many cases Matte offers a better, more elegant finish, however, is not often used given the superior washability of Eggshell-finish. Matte paint is a good choice for an imperfect wall or surface.


Eggshell finish is the most common in the majority of areas. It has a noticeable sheen upon application. Great for hiding minor imperfections on a surface. Easy to clean and maintains that freshly painted look.

Semi-Gloss, or equivalent

A semi gloss is most often used in high traffic areas where regular contact is made. Doors and frames, trim and cabinetry are all good candidates for a good quality semi gloss. So long as the surface is free from defects and indentations, a semi gloss is a durable choice for those tougher areas. It can withstand frequent cleaning with the appropriate product.


A high gloss paint would be a chosen finish for cabinetry and trim. Due to its reflective qualities it can be unflattering when used improperly. Contemporary homes and modern interiors have utilized both a high gloss finish and an eggshell with outstanding results. High gloss is rarely used.

Clean Up

We remove all plastic, masking tape, and drop clothes, replace hardware sweep and/or vacuum. After, we carefully place furniture back in position.


We invite you with us for a walk through the entire project to make sure you are completely satisfied with our workmanship.

In-House Colour Consultation

Colour is critical when setting the tone and mood of your home. It is important to select the right colours to ensure continuity and a flow from one room to the next. This can be a big decision and is often daunting with thousands of colours to choose from. If you are stuck and/or would prefer seeking professional advice we have a strong relationship with a professional designer (Kasia by Design;, that we would refer you to (we can do all of the arrangements for you, so that it is seamless).